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Please contact Governor Chris Brown, Governor and First Vice President at his email address EMail: cb5800@att.com or you may contact him at 516-448-8000 for information on becoming a member.

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Cranberry Lake Community Club Activities

The Cranberry Lake Community Club (CLCC) has many activities for families to enjoy. The CLCC maintains a quality program of activities and services at reasonable rates to its members. If you would like to see the Club organize a new event contact Sandra Wray with your idea. Sandra is the Governor responsible for organizing the calendar.

Some of the activities CLCC offers include:

Cranberry Lake NJ Activities
Arts and crafts
Baseball game bus trip
Bible study
Boat rally
Canoe day
Cardboard rigetta
Day at the CLCC spa
End of year BBQ
Field day
Fishing contest
Fun run walk
Galilean services
Goldfish races
Holiday bridge lighting
Junior day
Kayak races
Kids movie night
Labor day canoe marathon
Lantern parade and hot dog roast
NJ boat safety course
Preteen scavenger hunt
Pub night
Sandcastle tournament
Senior day
Ski school
Small fry parties
Swim around the lake
Swim team
Swim team dance
Swimming lessons
Synchronized swimming
Talent show
Teen scavenger hunt
Texas Hold’em
Welcome BBQ
Wine tasting
Women’s association


Cranberry Lake Community Club Facilities

In addition to scheduled events and organized programs the following CLCC facilities & services are covered by your dues (except where noted) & and are available to you:

Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff at your Service
Activities Director, Club Master, Maintenance Staff
Certified Lifeguards, Coaches and Instructors

Spacious, yet Cozy, Lakeside Community Clubhouse Facility
Plenty of Free Parking
Two (2) major Boat Docking areas
Organized & Ad-Hoc Games for all age groups including Basketball, Volleyball, Horseshoes, Cards, Board Games
Ping Pong, Pool Table & Video Games
Snack & Refreshment vending
Audio/Video capabilities: PA System, Music, Large Screen TV
Other: Rest Rooms, Water Fountain, Bike Rack, Fireplace


CLCC Beaches

Sandy Beaches for Family Recreation - 2 Locations: Clubhouse & Roses

Clubhouse Beach (owned/leased)
Scheduled Certified Lifeguard Coverage; Scheduled Water Quality Checks
Secured Beach with Plenty of Free Parking & 2 Boat Docking Areas
Family Recreation Area; Separate Lap & Swim Team areas
2 Diving Boards & Slide
Security Patrolled
Hot Food/BBQ at Major Events
Restrooms available
Roses Beach (owned)
Scheduled Certified Lifeguard Coverage; Scheduled Water Quality Checks
Secluded Beach with (limited) Free Parking but Ample Boat Docking Areas
Security Patrolled
Portable Restrooms available

CLCC Boating Facilities

Boat Ramp (at Cabin Springs); locked, for member use
Maintained Boat Docks/Slips
Major Facilities:
Cabin Springs (30-40 slips)
Weaver House Cove (20+ slips)
Satellite Facilities
5 Docks in Frenches Grove (4-5 slips/each)
1 Dock in Strawberry point (4-6 slips)
4 Docks on the South Shore ( 4-5 slips/each)
1 Dock in Laurel Cove (4-6 slips)
2 Docks in the Weaver House/Cabin Springs area (3-4 slips/each)

Maintained Floating Lake Rafts

Cabin Springs Cove
Weaver House Cove
Laurel Cove
Lackawanna Cove
Off South Shore
Two (2) in the “Old Lake”

CLCC owned facilities allow lake access to stocked fish; Members may participate in season long Fishing Contests & Weekend Catfish Derby

An Environmentally Balanced Weed Control & Lake Management Program

Clubhouse, Beach & Club Grounds Maintenance

Compliance with Town, County & State Health & Safety Standards

Activities for all ages (Small Fry, Preteen, Teen, Adults & Seniors)
Organized Swimming/Water Programs (small fee for each)
Red Cross Swimming Instruction
Swim Team (member of 10 team North Jersey Regional Lake League)
Synchronized Swimming Team
Water Ski School


Invasive Water Chestnut Plant (click to download information)


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